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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Dear Readers,
The Relationship between Ah-Long and Me have ended. Its three cheers for me from those homophobes and hugs from those who care. Please do e-mail me at to know more about the special diary. Thanks to all and take care. Bye

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Dear Readers from all around the world,
Due to some disagreement and unacceptence of my sexual orientation; and safety sake. Me and Ah Long have decided to close down this blog. Its a good news for ALL HOMOPHOBES as this fag has gone down dead. After all those critism and lots more, which i will not mention. The plan of renewing the blog has been cancelled. I would like to apologise to my fans(if i have) and friends for this unsuspected closure of my blog. I thank you for reading it but sadly everything has an ending. Just remember my dear friends, for my homosexual friends, be proud of who you are and never give up on your life even if there are evil people out there whom hate and even to the extend wanting to beat us up. To my Heterosexual friends, all i can say is Thank you for reading my blog and being able to accept me as who i am. May God Bless you all with happiness. Thank you again.
From here i will end my final entry on my final blog.

-Yours Truly-
)Denio G Bottom(

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